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This website is owned and maintained by Engagement in Education Ltd, hence the reference to it being an eie resource, mentioned at the top of all our pages.


eie is the logo of Engagement in Education Ltd which was founded in 2008 by Alan and Delia Cowley. The company is famed for its innovative approach to transforming the way we view educational issues, developing fresh workable solutions to old problems, and for a common-sense approach to what are often seen as intractable problems.


This website is part of a rapidly growing stable of educational website resources published under the eie banner which attracts thousands of hits from readers in over 20 countries across the world. The ‘hub’ website is the company’s website which has been under total reconstruction over the last two weeks and will be available again in its new, interactive form by Wednesday 6 March 2013. The end of March will see the publication of and then the whole suite of parental engagement websites will be rationalised with the creation of two further website resources and which will focus more on issues surrounding Parental Involvement.  Links to all these resources will be available across the range of websites.


Who are we?


Alan was a teacher and school leader for over 35 years who, through his innovative approaches to links with business and the wider community, was appointed by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as their first lead practitioner for Community Cohesion. A year later he was heavily involved as a member of both the Advisory and Expert panels, key note speaker and lead practitioner-consultant on Parental Engagement, as part of the Engaging Parents in Raising Achievement (EPRA) campaign.  Due to the national profile that he achieved in this area Alan was seconded to Becta, (the then government agency for ICT in Education) to lead the national introduction of Online Reporting to Parents.


In order to keep up with demand, Delia joined the team as a fellow consultant in 2009. Other notable contracts have included:  

  • delivering all the training and consultancy connected with Online Reporting to Parents for the Association of School and College Leaders, and for the National Association of Head Teachers,

  • designing, researching and writing all of the whole-school case studies on Community Cohesion for the DfE.

  • the publication of Alan’s mixed media course on Parental Engagement, “Climate Changer: effective methods in Parental Engagement”, by Tribal Education, who market the course as the first of its kind in the world to take schools from being parent-phobic to parent-friendly,

  • the delivery of courses on Parental Engagement to schools from Shanghai, Beijing, Switzerland, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic as well as numerous schools in England.


Last September saw the opening of The Avanti Court Primary School in Redbridge. The bid for this school had been written by Alan in just 3 weeks following an approach that was made to him by members of the London Hindu community. The bid was considered by the DfE in a ‘competition’ with others submitted by Tribal Education and Redbridge local authority. Alan and Delia were delighted to have visited the school earlier this year to see the concrete reality of the fruits of their vision.


Currently their time is mostly taken up project managing their research project into Free Flow Info, further details of which are available through the website and the more specialist website from the end of March 2013.




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