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Developing A Strategy: The Vision


 What do we mean by the word 'Vision'?


A Vision is a statement that describes what you think something is (in this case Parental Engagement), what it should look like in your school, and what you want it to achieve. Remember, the aspiration should reflect ‘the outward-facing school’ with the emphasis being on the needs of stakeholders who may not spend a great deal of time physically in the school buildings but nevertheless have  an investment in the school’s success.


The more people who have contributed to the creation of the vision, the greater the common ownership. However, the consultation process that delivers the vision has to be manageable.


The SLT lead and manage the school under the direction of the governors. We would therefore suggest that an excellent starting point would be a working party made up from members of the SLT and of the governing body. They should aim to come up with a phrase that describes the school’s vision for Parental Engagement.


When you have reached that stage in the process, when you are confident that parents, pupils and staff understand the benefits of Parental Engagement, circulate your draft vision to all stakeholders, asking them to either comment on it or indicate their support for it. This will ensure that you won’t be sent a few thousand different statements to wade through and that you have something that everyone feels they are part of.


Once you have the vision, you will be able to devise a policy that enables the vision, and a strategy to deliver it.