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Using the Parental Engagement Site

Navigating the Parental Engagement site


As you pass your cursor over the main menu, individual drop down menus will appear for each section. Actively click on an item from the main menu for a page that gives more general information about the topic.


Using the information


Firstly, whether you're a parent, teacher, or both, read through the pages. 


If you think your school is doing most of the things that are mentioned to encourage parental engagement:

  • let them know! (praise is always one of the best forms of reinforcement)

  • mention to parents and teachers from other schools that your child's school or the school you work in is a model of best practice

  • share the expertise and expectation


If you think that your child's school could do more to develop Parental Engagement, you have two options which depend on the type of person you are:

  • If you don't feel confident contacting the school, you can use the advice we provide for parents to make sure that Parental Engagement works for your child.

  • If you are happy to contact the school or to approach a parent governor, tell them about this site and suggest that they look at it - have a look at our section on 'Raising Concerns' for some guidance on how to approach the school. This way you may help other children to benefit as well as your own.


Contribute to the discussion on Parental Engagement by  emailing us direct at                                         [email protected]


Suggest new topics on Parental Engagement that you think would be useful for other parents and/or schools to know about.


This site will be regularly updated to keep you informed of new ideas and best practice. As resources allow, a range of media will be used within the site.



Due to demand, and in response to those questions raised by readers associated to, but not directly linked with, Parental Engagement, we have now launched a new website to provide guidance and advice on school-based issues that frequently cause friction between home and school. To access the site, simply click on the eie logo at the top of this page.