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Taking it further

Parental Engagement is all about parents showing their children that they think what happens in school is important. This is most easily done by having regular discussions about school.


However, there are other ways that a parent can send the same message.

  •  Make sure you check for homework tasks and insist that they’re completed well, not rushed.


  • All children in the UK are given target grades for each subject and tasks that should help them achieve those grades. Ask your children what their targets are. If they don’t appear to know, ask the school. Keep a note of the target grades so that you can keep a check on how well they’re doing.


  • Find somewhere quiet for homework to be completed.


  • Don’t allow your child to have the television, mobile phone, computer or games machine on when they should be doing homework unless the work calls for online research or interaction and then make sure that use is focused.


  • Ask how they have done in tests. Ask if they know what they have to do to improve. If they don’t you may have to ask the school on their behalf.


  • If your child is not getting homework, ask parents of other children to see if this is the same for them. If it isn’t, take it up with your child and then the school.


  • If homework is not being set and your child doesn’t appear to be reaching their target, talk to the school about how they can support your child’s learning by giving extra work.


  • Ask your child about their specific targets or next topic. If they need any support you could help them research it on the internet before they start.


  • Try to keep in mind the topics that your child is studying and if there’s an opportunity to encourage them, use it. This could be by watching a television programme together and talking about it afterwards.


  • When talking about what your child has been doing in school, you may find that your child starts to talk about something you        know nothing about. This often puts parents off but is actually a golden opportunity to help your child. Be honest and say that you didn't learn about that when you were in school, then ask them to explain it to you; let them become the teacher. It is a technique increasingly used in classrooms as it helps to reinforce learning.