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A Shared Responsibility: School

The school’s role is to ensure that your child achieves her or his potential by making sure that they are able to learn the information and skills to take them to, or beyond what is seen as their potential. The potential of each child has been made easier to identify accurately thanks to the wealth of information that we have gained from the standard tests that pupils have been taking in our schools since the 1980s. Such is the depth of information on millions of pupils that we can very accurately predict what a child should be achieving at the end of her or his secondary or high school career, based on their performance at primary or elementary school. The potential can be  different for each subject that the child takes and is therefore expressed as an individual ‘raw score’ target for each subject. Most schools also like to add a small amount of additional challenge to end up with the final target for each subject.


If your child’s school is taking Parental Engagement seriously, approaching them with a problem about your child should never be an issue to cause you concern.