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Raising Concerns

The most frequent confrontations between parent and school are about complaints. As always, there are good ways of raising concerns....and bad ways. The aim should never be to score points but to solve a problem that has been identified.


If you think there’s a problem, contact the school. Phone calls are always difficult. Some people find it hard not to be over emotional when talking on the phone, others can become overly defensive, a combination that is doomed from the start. If you do phone, remember that most teachers spend almost their entire day in a classroom and cannot talk to you there and then. Someone may have to call you back, and that might be on a different day. You may therefore have to leave a message with the school office and times when you can be contacted.


It is always better to write so that you can be sure that your concern has been expressed clearly, leaving no doubt about what you see as a problem. It is quite acceptable to email this and then both you and the school have a copy.


In any of your communications, do not accuse anyone of anything. Just ask a question. Such as ‘John says that he’s not getting any homework and I was wondering what your view was on that?’.


If you’re not happy with the answer, raise the concern with the school’s head teacher or principal. Remember to be calm and measured at all times.