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Developing A Strategy: Policy

A Parental Engagement Policy will impact on other existing policies and these are worth reviewing simultaneously.

A policy by itself does not guarantee delivery. We therefore suggest a cyclical policy template that has:

  •  aims ( general comments about what you want to achieve)

  • objectives (specific things that you’ll do to ensure that the aims are met)

  • outcomes (what will the impact be and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?)

  • evidence of impact

  • re-evaluation of aims


Again, equity is a vital consideration and your policy should include specific objectives about reaching parents of children you have identified as vulnerable or minority groups, such as:

  •  parents previously seen as ‘hard-to-reach’

  • English as an Additional Language

  • carers of Looked After Children  

  • parents of children on free school meals


This will invariably have an impact on your practice, including how and where you communicate with parents.


Review of current practice

The creation of any new policy can impact upon existing practice. It could well be that there is a need to look at associated policies such as parent consultation evenings and report writing.