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This is when parents take an active part in the life of their child’s school. This is most frequently done by being a governor, PTA member, reading partner or learning mentor.


Although Parental Involvement doesn’t have such a positive impact on your child’s achievement as Parental Engagement, the roles outlined are often vital and do benefit other children, and as such your contribution is invaluable and should be encouraged.


It is this aspect of the school/parent relationship that schools are least comfortable with. It is a relationship that schools have to manage carefully and one in which parents need to be mindful of the impact of the wider school community. As is the situation with all relationships, having the right approach is key. Be assured, the skills and experiences that you have will be of benefit to the school as long as your input produces the required outcomes.




In response to questions raised by readers seeking guidance and advice on how to handle those issues that most commonly cause friction between home and school, we have now launched where we explore these issues in a topic-based format. As with all eie resources we aim to give sound, unbiased information, dedicated to raising the achievement of all pupils by improving the relationship between home and school. This new website explores these issues for the parent audience, and does so by covering basic points, detailed information, and suggested solutions. We are currently building a sister site ( to be launched in late October 2013) aimed at education professionals (teachers, school leaders, managers, administrators, politicians - and yes - parents as well) that will explore the same issues in much greater depth and from the point of view of the school.  


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