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Parent View Security Alert



WARNING: Dated 27 June 2013


We have proved beyond doubt that the information contained within the survey results for any one school in Ofsted’s Parent View website cannot be fully relied upon as being the valid opinion of parents of pupils at that school. Due to the lack of confidence raised by this security issue, and the evidence from parental responses to the Parent View questionnaire and those made on paper under the new framework before September 2012, we do not think that Ofsted should be using Parent View data.


Understandably, we do not wish to publicise the exact nature of the security issue for fear that it might be exploited, but suffice to say that we strongly advise SLTs to monitor the use of Parent View for their school – perhaps even keep a log of numbers and the spread of responses. If these change wildly inform Ofsted straight away and also providing copies of evidence over time. We also recommend that you send copies of that information to your professional associations.


This page will be updated as and when we learn more from Ofsted.