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10 September 2013

New website launched!


In response to questions raised by readers seeking guidance and advice on how to handle those issues that most commonly cause friction between home and school, we have now launched where we explore these issues in a topic-based format. As with all eie resources we aim to give sound, unbiased information, dedicated to raising the achievement of all pupils by improving the relationship between home and school. This new website explores these issues for the parent audience, and does so by covering basic points, detailed information, and suggested solutions. We are currently building a sister site ( to be launched in late October 2013) aimed at education professionals (teachers, school leaders, managers, administrators, politicians - and yes - parents as well) that will explore the same issues in much greater depth and from the point of view of the school.


To access simply click on this link.


22 June 2013

Following a massive spike in visits to our website, Professor Charles Desforges contacts Engagement in Education Ltd to say that he cited our paper on the treatment of Parental Engagement in Ofsted Inspections and mentioned our website in his national conference in London the previous week.


12 May 2013

Professor Charles Desforges (co-author of the most comprehensive review of research ever undertaken into Parental Engagement /Involvement,  "The Impact of Parental Involvement, Parental Support and Family Education on Pupil Achievements and Adjustment: A Literature Review" DfE 2003) contacts Engagement in Education Ltd to say that he has read our paper on the treatment of Parental Engagement in Ofsted Inspections and that he regards our findings as 'significant'. He asks permission to cite our paper in the Optimus national conference on Parental Engagement and urges us to publish our findings in the national media.



18 March 2013

We are pleased to announce the publication of our investigation into Ofsted's approach to Parental Engagement within the new inspection framework. Please click on the eie resource link at the top right hand side of this page to access this free resource.




22 February 2013

The USA publication, Education Week produces some very stimulating webinars. They're currently offering a sign-up for one on 'Connecting Parents and Schools via Social Media initiatives', on Thursday 28 February, 12 - 1 pm, ET.


Naturally, we like to encourage the exploration of new ways of working with parents, and given that the 2007  Department of Education report “ Parental Involvement in Children’s Education”, showed that the majority of parents prefer  an ‘informal’ approach, devoid of jargon to the communication they have with school, it would make good sense to look at social media as a possible vehicle.  One of the ideas being discussed is 'Parents Meetings via Skype', which could have many benefits. I will also be very interested to hear what is said about the pitfalls caused by the style of such platforms as Facebook and Twitter, which when used in some schools often invite inappropriate comment.


If you can't make the live event, all Ed Week  webinars are available online for 3 months after broadcast. You can sign up by pasting the following link into your browser:


12 February 2013

If your route to this site was via a Google search for 'parental engagement', you may have noticed that the site has recently overtaken all other sites to become the most regularly viewed site on Parental Engagement on the Google search engine.


We are grateful for your interest, and promise that we will continue to develop our site to the benefit of pupils, parents and teachers across the world. With this in mind, we intend to start a 'Best Practice' page drawing on the experiences we have when visiting schools. Emails from parents and teachers would also be welcome.



22 January 2013

Just 10 weeks after our launch, the site becomes the most frequently visited private website on Parental Engagement on Google. The .com version has been accessed in more than 20 countries.


14 November 2012

The combined 'hits' through our website suite are already well into the thousands. Interest generated by ASCL's (Association of School and College Leaders) recommendation led to massive hit rate on the website.




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