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The Sutton Trust Toolkit (2011), which offers guidance on effective strategies to improve learning and is used by many as a guide to effective use of the Pupil Premium, identifies Parental Engagement in its list of effective strategies. Since 2005, Engagement in Education has been providing affordable, high quality, successful courses that have enabled school leaders from the UK, Asia and Europe to change the culture to Parental Engagement within their school or college. We offer a range of cost-effective  courses and briefings for schools, local authorities, academy sponsors, social enterprises, charitable trusts, parents' groups, politicians and government agencies; indeed, anyone with an interest in improving education.


Client feedback tells us that one of the reasons our courses are successful is our focus on ‘teacher learning’ as opposed to ‘teacher training’. We find this distinction especially vital with our Parental Engagement courses where the promotion of concept change is key. Our course content is not the passive one-way power point monologue you encounter with many ‘trainers’, it is delivered by acknowledged leaders in the field and designed to meet the needs of a range of learning styles and always includes activities, discovery and discussion. In our view, all  courses should deliver sustainable outcomes for schools. This allows you to take control, be developmental and provide high quality in-house provision to keep your costs to a minimum.  Our courses therefore range from twilight sessions, to all-inclusive packages. The latter starts by identifying and developing  selected 'Parental Engagement Champions' who work alongside our team to deliver a series of courses for governors, whole-school staff, parents, and pupils, within a three-day time frame.


We provide all resources and  associated materials and also work with school leaders to devise a sustainable policy that can be demonstrated in terms of outcomes, and a strategy that leaves the school with the capacity to provide ongoing education and support for all new staff and future parents without recourse to ourselves or any other outside agency. School leaders of many years’ standing have described the courses as ‘inspirational’.

The structure and timing of the courses we provide can be devised to enable clusters of schools to spread the training costs.

Prices range from as little as £250 plus expenses for twilight courses, to £2500 plus expenses for the 3 day package for clusters.

Parental Engagement is our passion. Make it yours. Contact us today.

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"A fantastic day! I'm inspired about how we can use Parental Engagement to raise attainment. THANK YOU!" 

Secondary School Head teacher, Yorkshire, UK

"Fantastic - how ignorant was I about Parental Engagement! A really informative and useful day." School parent governor

"Thank you for reminding me why I came into teaching."  Primary headteacher, Peterborough