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The Benefits of Parental Engagement

From a parent’s point of view, Parental Engagement is dead easy.  It’s about showing your children that what they do in school is important to you.


We all want what’s best for our children, but sometimes we can feel out of our depth when dealing with things that we feel we don’t know much about. That’s one of the reasons that parents quite often don’t talk to their children about what they do in school, especially at secondary or high school. Many parents also feel that if they didn’t do well themselves at school they can’t help their children make the most of their school experience.


But they’re wrong.


Parental Engagement is NOT about teaching your children, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s about showing them that what they do in school is important to you. We can show our children that we care by just talking to them about what they do in school. You don’t even have to understand what they do in the different subjects, in fact, it can be a real advantage when you don’t, as we’ll explain in the ‘Taking it further’ section.


Research shows that by just having these regular conversations at home, your child’s grades can improve by an average of 15%... just by talking to your children about what they do in school.

Isn’t it worth trying?