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What is Parental Engagement?


Parental Engagement is something all parents, regardless of your background or where you live, can do and do well. You don’t need a degree or a certificate and you don’t have to spend any money; you just need to know how. One thing is for is NOT rocket science.


Whether you’re a teacher, or a parent, and let’s not forget, perhaps both, this website aims to show you how you can help your child or the children you teach, do better at school.


The impact of Parental Engagement is the same no matter which country you live in. It can be used by anyone involved in trying to help children achieve their best.


Education systems vary across the world, but the benefits of Parental Engagement are constant. The vast majority of information and advice within this website is general and can be used no matter where you live. Because education systems vary, and because we respond to readers' requests, you will also find reference to issues specific to countries other than your own. Please do not let this put you off.


Support is given in 4 sections:

1. advice for parents

2. advice for schools

3. information of a general nature on Parental Engagement (in the ‘About’ menu)

4. online Forums where you are invited to ask questions and share your experience and good advice


The guidance within this site comes from 37 years as a successful teacher and school leader, 10 years of in-depth study of research related to parental engagement and 7 years working as a consultant, trainer and adviser on Parental Engagement in both primary and secondary schools.